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This offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services at an affordable rate. Service offerings include outpatient service, investigations (labs, x-rays etc.), admissions, O&G, as well as basic optical and dental care.

The Business plan offers a wider range of health service offerings than the Club Plan. In addition, the enrollee has access top a wider range of providers.

This offers a fully comprehensive bouquet of healthcare, preventive and wellness services to suit all needs. Additionally, it offers private accommodation services for admissions, infertility services, major surgical as well as extensive optical and dental benefits.

This is our most exclusive health plan and offers an extended immunization schedule, extended optical and dental benefits. Also available are ICU and HDU services and conditional access to treatment outside the country. Subscribers on the Flex Plan can access healthcare services at any of our providers (roaming) and do not have to be restricted to a particular primary provider.