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    Job Title:                                 MEDICAL MANAGER

    Job Objective/ Purpose of Job:         Manage Care

    Department/Division/ Unit: Medical Operations

    Location:                                Head Office, Lagos



    Administratively Reports To:           MD/CEO

    Supervises:                             Medical Operations Nationwide



    Internal                      Medical Ops, Underwriting, Accounts, Marketing, CRU, HR, Admin

    External                      Providers, Clients, NHIS.


    Job Duties/ Responsibilities/ Accountabilities

    Provider Relationship Management: To promote a cordial relationship between Healthcare Providers and the organization.

    Clients Relationship Management: To promote a cordial relationship between Healthcare Providers and the enrollees.

    Ensure swift resolution of all Healthcare Facilities’ issues.

    Coordinate Development and integration of Provider Network and Referral Mechanism Nationwide

    Ensure that all enrollees have access to the required care.

    Ensure that clients enjoy quality and standard care at their selected Healthcare Providers.

    Ensure swift resolution of enrollees’ issues relating to service delivery at the hospitals.

    Ensure enrollee’s satisfaction.

    Supervises Medical Special Operations Units Nationwide.

    To adequately maintain the three levels of care; primary, secondary and tertiary.

    Identification, profiling and activation of new Healthcare Providers’

    Continuous training and re-training of Healthcare Providers staff.

    To ensure that Healthcare Provider’s bills are processed in time for payments.

    Coordinate provider audit and continuous evaluation of capacity and banding.

    To make sure that the quality of healthcare rendered is not compromised / In-patients’ case management.

    Continuous assessment of quality of care rendered by Healthcare Providers.

    Coordination of referrals from the primary care level to other levels of care.

    To ensure that chosen Healthcare Providers’ maintain a standard and the necessary medical equipment for best the practice is in place.

    Development of tariff for fee-for-service.

    Claims management and processing including claims for reimbursement.

    Negotiation with Healthcare Providers for FFS payment.

    To check fraud that may be perpetrated by either the enrollee or Healthcare Provider’s by visiting Healthcare Providers’ for concurrent and retrospective medical audits. This helps to check false admission and inclusion of things not done on the medical bill.

    To liaise with the MD/CEO for instructions in a difficult situation.

    Give Pre-Authorization when /where necessary.

    Submit weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports to the MD/CEO

    Any other duty as assigned by management.


    Education Qualification:       MBBS (IB), PGD in Related Health Field (Added Advantage)

    Professional Qualification:   Health-related professional bodies.

    Experience (Dimension and No of years)   Clinical Practice & Manage Care Industry

    Age Bracket:              N/A



    Functional/ Technical: The candidate is required to have in-depth knowledge of Technical and soft I.T skills


    Ability to Multi-task





    Negotiating skill


    High level Interpersonal Skills

    Communication/ Excellent writing skills

    Integrity & Honesty

    Team leadership skills

    Time mgt skills

    Organizational skills



    ·         Job Type: Full Time 

    ·         Location: 1, Ramat Crescent Ogudu GRA, Lagos

    Experienced driver required to assume the role of Company Driver.

    Candidate must be able to endure long hours driving, fix minor vehicle-related issues like changing of tires, and reporting in frequently to dispatch.


    Main Responsibilities

    ·         Picking up and conveying staff to required destinations

    ·         Using navigation apps to determine the best and least-congested route

    ·         Schedule regular vehicle cleaning and maintenance service

    ·         Carrying out vehicle maintenance checks and notify the direct supervisor of any issues

    ·         Ensuring that vehicles are sufficiently fueled and always ready for use.



    ·         Minimum of a Secondary School Leaving Certificate

    ·         Valid driver’s license

    ·         Prior driving experience and Clean driving record

    ·         Familiarity with navigation apps such as Google Maps.

    ·         Good verbal communication.

    ·         Professional and polite disposition.

    NOTE: Preferred candidate must reside around Arepo-Ibafo and its environs.



    ·         Job Type: Full Time 

    ·         Location: 1, Ramat Crescent Ogudu GRA, Lagos

     Candidate must be able to perform all related duties within the organization.


    Main Responsibilities

    ·         Helping organize and maintain office common areas.

    ·         Performing general office clerk duties and errands.

    ·         Aiding with client reception as needed.

    ·         Clean, stock and supply designated facility areas (dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, cleaning ceiling vents, restroom cleaning etc)

    ·         Perform and document routine inspection and maintenance activities

    ·         Carry out heavy cleansing tasks and special projects

    ·         Notify management of occurring deficiencies or needs for repairs

    ·         Work hand-in-hand with all staff to ensure a neat and tidy office environment

    ·         Follow all health and safety regulations



    ·         Minimum of a Secondary School Leaving Certificate

    ·         Knowledge of cleaning chemicals and supplies

    ·         Proven working experience as a cleaner

    ·         Warm personality with strong communication skills.


    NOTE: Preferred candidate must reside around Ogudu-Ojota and its environs.


    WORK CYCLE (HOURS/ DAYS): Monday – Friday (8.00am – 5.00pm)

    Weekend tasks may be assigned at the discretion of the MD/CEO



    Applicants should send a ONE PAGE essay on any topic they are passionate about, as well a detailed Curriculum Vitae to the link below


    Applicants who do not follow the procedure above will be disqualified

    Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.


    Kindly note that the application process closes at midnight on the 31st of March 2020.