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    • Each plan grants the subscriber access to a complete session on WhatsApp with the doctor. (A complete session involves consultation with the doctor, medical advice, prescription and collection of medication from the pharmacy at no additional cost).
    • A subscriber can use the WhatsApp feature to speak(voice) or chat (type) with the doctor for 15mins and also a follow-up on the same issue for up to 5 days after the first contact.
    • Subscribers can send via WhatsApp, photos, voice notes, test results etc to the doctor for interpretation during their session.
    • Diagnosis, detailed health advice and a prescription will be given at the end of the session.
    • Prescribed medication may then be picked up at the nearest pharmacy within the subscriber's LGA in Nigeria.
    • Exclusive access to daily health tips, health news and monthly newsletter for all subscribers.
    • All communication on this plan would be done on the WhatsApp platform
    • This health plan is not for Emergency care. For Lagos State Call: 112 or 767